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Case Study:  Joyful Bath Co.

Joyful Bath Co logoWe developed a sales strategy and presentation to sell 48,000 units, annually, to CVS Pharmacy.

Joyful Bath Co. makes natural and organic body care products including hemp balms, mentholated shower steamers, bath bombs, soaps and bath salts. Vegan and cruelty-free, their products contain naturally effective healing ingredients – pure hemp extract, menthol, coconut oil, ginger root, oats, green tea, coconut milk and more. Founded in 2008, Joyful Bath Co. LLC is a 100% woman-owned company in Maryland.

Joyful Bath Co.’s owner had expanded the business over about 10 years and had an opportunity almost any brand would envy: to present its new product line to CVS Pharmacy. The CVS buyers required detailed sales by store, initial markup, marketing budget, and gross profit. This information can be challenging to gather and present effectively, and the stakes were high.

Joyful Bath hemp balm
Joyful Bath hemp balm
Joyful Bath bath salts
Joyful Bath bath bomb

Our approach: Differentiate and show the path to profits.

CVS Pharmacy logoTo show how Joyful Bath Co.’s products — specifically its CBD product line — were different from the competition, we gathered details on XX similar products. We made the case that Joyful Bath stood apart because of ingredients, packaging, scents and a homemade feel.
Then we gathered these metrics to build the case for profitability for CVS:

  • Number of Stores
  • Units by item and category per store
  • Sales by item and category per store
  • Coop dollars and percent negotiated

We prepared item detail pages with ingredients, descriptions, recommended retail prices, and unit sales per store. We saved Joyful Bath’s founders hours of time and offered a fresh, informed perspective on what mattered to the retail chain.

Joyful Bath presented our analysis and strategy to CVS Pharmacy and met with the buyers in advance of their in-person meeting.

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