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Fat to Energy LemonAid

Case Study: Fat To Energy LemonAid

We launched LemonAid on Amazon Marketplace and vastly scaled reach and sales.

Fat to Energy LemonAid® is a natural fat-burner and helps keep your body from storing fat. Mixed with water, this powder contains L-Carnitine tartrate, which transports fat absorbed from your meals into the mitochondria of the cells, to be burned up as energy. Founded in XXXX, the company, which includes several other brands, is woman-owned and based in Florida.

The owner of Fat To Energy LemondAid was experiencing limited success through personal sales in doctors’ offices and on the brand’s own website. Eager to increase sales beyond what she could do alone, the brand owner contacted us to launch the brand on Amazon Seller Central.

Our approach: Take advantage of Amazon’s advanced features, keeping the brand owner informed throughout.

LemonAid beauty shot

We set up the brand and product, securing everything we needed from the founder — manufacturing certificates, detailed benefits and usage instructions. Setting up a single product on Amazon can take X to Y hours. The public sees the photos, descriptions and dimensions and pricing. But there are back-office templates to fill in, too, calling for addresses, banking information, user permissions, warehouse set-up and more.

We set up Fat To Energy LemonAid on Amazon Brand Registry, a program that allows verified brand owners to have access to enhanced reporting tools and more control over their brand across Amazon.

We designed and created an  A+ content listing for Fat To Energy LemonAid. This allows customers to see more robust product features and benefits, additional photos, uses and frequently asked questions. This encourages trial and promotes brand loyalty.

Once set up, we tested fulfillment options.

Initially, the brand was fulfilling all orders manually and shipping direct to customers. Sales exceeded expectations, and the owner struggled to manage the tracking numbers, shipments and customer questions, leading to a dip in customer satisfaction. We shifted the brand from Fulfilled by Merchant to Fulfilled by Amazon. We set up replenishment orders and managed the increased sales by using various Amazon tools, including suggested replenishment orders.

LemonAid listing

We added advertising keywords and managed Amazon marketing.

Initially, sales were driven by social media announcements of the brand’s availability on Amazon. We worked with the founder to launch a Sponsored Ad program on Amazon and a ‘Limited Time’ coupon event. We tested manual and automatic targeting, negative keywords and developed a keyword strategy and price-per-click plan that improved the return on ad spend. We have managed ad spend to single digits as a percent of sales. We monitor sponsored ads and, as of early 2021, the brand is seeing high double-digit sales growth.

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