Why is the Savvy Green pouch and product Smart-Green-Clean? Why do we use flexible packaging and not cardboard?

This is one smart pouch. For one, you can reuse it for other dry contents. It is also amazingly, unabashedly green, using 50% less packaging than liquid bottles or cardboard boxes. That means less bulk for shipping and less room required on store shelves.

Here in Florida, we co-habitate with mold and everything else that’s drawn to hot and damp surroundings. To ensure the powder was protected from humidity, we needed lots of protection. Cardboard wouldn’t cut it – too much clumping.

Best of all, you can recycle the bag. The Savvy Green pouch is an innovative HDPE#2 material. HDPE resins are used in the flexible world for can liners, shopping bags and other industrial purposes. The Savvy Green pouch is a departure from most uses, as it is great looking and a recyclable alternative to most other non-recyclable laminated retail pouches. You can even recycle it at the grocery store with your plastic grocery bags. It’s one of the first flexible pouches that actually has a path to recycling through in-store recycling programs.

We use 9 colors with a matte finish and our flexographic inks are water based, none of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in traditional solvent inks.

What’s in the Bag?

The pouch contains a super-concentrated, fragrance-free formula with no added fillers. That means you only need to put in one tablespoon per wash to get your clothes clean.

We are not ashamed to admit that we love this pouch, from the smooth feel of the matte finish to its surprising sturdiness on the shelf to its easy fit in your hand to the convenient open-and-close top.

We are so proud to have our eco-clean Savvy Green products to fill our pouches.

It is all in the bag.