More Consumers Will Be Plant-Based | Vegan Butter Guide

Vegan and Plant-Based diets continue to be more popular. Appealing packaging, the innovative improvement in taste and support from retailers, media and investors has increased the depth of product offerings and new startup CPG companies.

Fewer people are eating animal products with more focus on a healthier lifestyle and including a diet incorporating plant-based foods. There have been several polls and OnePoll and Eat Just show more people being fully plant-based within five years. Plant-Based Brands are innovative and offering wide selections with more availability in mainstream outlets. The Beet

Miyoko's Butter

Vegan ButterĀ has so many delicious options from Miyoko’s Creamery, Foragers, Califia Farms, Milkadamia and so many more. Amazing flavor from nuts, oats and coconut oil bases in cooking and spreadable styles. Check this detailed GUIDE from VegNews. VegNews