5 Trends from the Natural & Organic Products Europe 2019 Trade Show

I attended the Natural & Organic Products Europe Show in London Excel last week and thrilled to see so many new and  innovative products and brands. There were new natural categories as well expansion of others. Attention to ingredients, certifications, packaging and sustainability to name a few.

1.CBD in beauty, skincare, supplements, sprays, tea, chocolate, snacks and on every aisle.
2.Turmeric in supplements, tea, lattes, seasoning, food for your health
3.Fermentation is hot – kombucha, kefir, vinegar, sauces, food
4.Tea anyone for your health? Reduces stress and inflammation, unique combinations of fruits and herbs, lattes.
5.Vegan product offerings continue to expand. Love the many new cheese products with improved taste, minced sunflower seeds, nut milks and spreads. Love the chocolate of course.
The products and brands exemplify innovation to build natural, certified, organic, vegan, gluten free and safe products from sourcing to manufacturing and packaging. It was fun to see the passion and excitement of the brand owners. I can surely relate as an owner of Savvy Green LLC and now a consulting business.

Quick links to the Award Winners for 2019:



Fermentation is Hot!
Pukka, Yogi Tea, English Teashop, Clearspring
Turmeric for health benefits!
Vegan – Innovation and great taste

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