Cannabidiol from A to Tea and Z ! Where will CBD pop up next?

Indie markets, coffee shops, and pet stores are joining major US retailers and pharmacies in the latest wellness trend, selling CBD in a range of products. A new launch this month by a Canadian CBD brand, Kanabia, in the UK. I just visited a coffee shop where the menu featured CBD in tea, brownies and coconut mounds.

One of my clients, Joyful Bath Co is expanding into CBD balms with a roll-on stick as well as bath salts and bath bombs.

Why all the buzz?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis and hemp plants and reportedly has soothing properties, decreases inflammation and provides stress and even pain relief. Hemp CBD has little or no THC and is without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. In the US, the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to sell CBD derived from the hemp plant. State by state the laws continue to vary.

Navigating CBD product development could be a challenge with the explosion of products. Check FDA, FTC, EU guidelines regarding any new product claims that you make, as well as import and export rules. Apply for certifications that fit your budget, and watch the FDA for new guidelines regarding food and drink as the rules remain confusing.

Be careful making claims in your marketing, especially on packaging, as laws vary from one geography to the next. Be wary of large production runs on your packaging, in case the laws change. The Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to a few companies for their claims.

At the April Natural & Organic Products Show in London , new brands offered items with CBD in tea, supplements, chocolate, oils, sprays, balms and then some. As global retailers build on the trend and product assortments expand, the growth will be fun to watch.

There’s CBD in aerosols, bath salts and chocolate, so we have the ABCs. What will be the X, Y and Z?


Mary Beth Allen is a brand consultant with 25 years of experience in retail, wholesale  and e-commerce. Clients in the U.S. and Europe rely on her for sales, marketing, presentations, product development, trade shows and other business services. Contact.