Trends That Will Shape 2020

Press Release from Natural & Organic Products Europe London exhibitors & attendees share their predictions for the year ahead

With demands in sustainability, conscious living, and social responsibility on the rise, the leading trade show Natural & Organic Products Europe – recognized as an ‘established innovation hub for health, food, beauty, wellness and sustainable living’ by Mintel – is the place to discover what’s new and next in the world of natural and organic.’

‘Trends Most Shared for 2020:

  • Plant-Centric Decision Making
  • Organic as a Sustainable Solution
  • Eating for Your Brain
  • Vegan Backlash
  • Zero Waste and Innovative Packaging
  • Less is More in Post-Brexit Britain
  • Regulatory Status of CBD
  • Bio-engineered Ingredients
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Edible Beauty
  • A Collaborative Industry
  • Genderless Beauty’

Mary Beth Allen Brand Marketing is the exclusive USA Brand Sales Agent for the 2020 Natural & Organic Products EU Show held in London April 19-20.