10 Trends to Watch in 2023

Expect to see even more new, energetic entrepreneurs with a focus on transparent sourcing, ingredients, biodiversity, and sustainability. The passion and innovation from these new brand owners is a marketing opportunity supplemented by the community and incubator organizations supporting emerging brands. My top 10 trends to watch in 2023 in the CPG category could certainly be expanded!

Over the holidays I spent a lot of time going through my notes from the five U.S. and International trade events that I attended this past year and wanted to share with you a few of the brands and categories that really stood out. 

What you will see more of in 2023:

 1. A Focus on the Reduction of Food Waste

The increase in upcycling ingredients is growing by reusing ingredients and waste to create newer and even better products. The Upcycled Food Association has more than 250 businesses collaborating to empower consumers to prevent food waste with the products they buy. Rind Snacks continues to help save food waste and produces delicious and healthy fruit snacks.

 2. Fair Trade, Brand Transparency

Fair Trade, craft beverages and snacks, global products like Amazi Foods, and Twrl Milk Tea are healthy and delicious.


10 Trends to Watch in 2023 CPG Natural & Organic

 3. Brand Collaboration

Several brand partnerships seem to be joining forces to produce new items. Co-branding creates opportunities with sourcing and marketing. One example is Renewal Mill and Miyokos, who have joined forces with their flour and non-dairy ingredients.

 4. Functional Food & Beverages

Every food, beverage, and wellness aisle of the Trade Events I attended had a brand with a focus on a functional beverage or food, immune-boosting properties, or a specific ingredient with mental and physical health benefits. Sambazon Açaí, the purple berry with antioxidant and omega-rich benefits, and Odyssey Elixer continue to build access to ‘good for you’ mushroom-based products are examples of this growing opportunity.

 5. Non-Alcoholic Options

Non Alcoholic options continue to expand with the trend toward healthy lifestyles; Ritual Proof and Three Spirit Drinks are expanding their business with terrific flavors and packaging. Have you noticed the increased restaurant menus with non-alcoholic crafted cocktails?

10 Trends to Watch in 2023

 6. Ingredients from the Sea

Ingredients from the sea are building momentum and sales as more consumers learn the health benefits. Seaweed, and kelp-based products from Oceans Halo12 TidesAtlantic Sea Farms, and Gimme continue to build their product assortment. Seaweed has many of the minerals we need in our daily diets, including iodine, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, and selenium. It’s also rich in a variety of vitamins, including B, C, D, and E plus plant-based calcium. Some seaweeds, such as wakame, are also a good source of protein.

 7. The Non-Dairy Explosion

The NON-DAIRY explosion in milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and added ingredients in basic food items are driving the growth in this plant-based category. The non-dairy category continues to be interesting with the innovation of ingredients that are better tasting and the opportunity for consumers to feel healthier and improve their digestion.

The top dairy alternatives are almond, oat, soy, coconut, hemp, rice, pea, and several newcomers. Dominant brands Danone(Alpro, Silk), Blue Diamond, Oatly, and Califia are joined by Living Harvest, Harmless Harvest, Mooala, Milkadamia, and Ripple. The Swedish brand Dug is building a non-dairy potato drink in Europe and the UK that looks interesting.

Euromonitor International presented a terrific seminar at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Sweden with updated information on the global non-dairy business trend, The regional split of dairy alternatives for 2022 shows a 24% penetration in Western Europe and 20% in North America with sales penetration increasing according to the reporthttps://bit.ly/3fOwzBU.

 8. Collagen

Collagen growth, bovine, and marine in food, beverage, supplements, and beauty will continue to grow based on the new applications of protein-healthy benefits for the skin, immune system, and joints. Marine-based collagen is expected to have the fasted growth.

“Collagen is combined with other ingredients in various healthy products due to its various chemical and nutritional properties. Due to their high binding properties, Collagen peptides are used as a partial glucose replacer in protein bars. Collagen can be consumed in powder form, added to hot beverages, smoothies, or baked goods, to provide extra protein” according to a report by Globe News Wire. A few key brands to watch include Aspen Naturals, Bullet Proof, Further Food, Vital Proteins, and many others that continue to build on the product category.

Beauty is skin deep and what we are using more of a focus, transparency continues to be even more important.


10 Trends to Watch in 2023 in CPG Natural & Organic including Collagen

 9. Supplement Options

Shift from supplement gummies to more alternatives like liquids and powders plus find your supplements in coffee, chocolate, and everyday foods. I keep watching the growth of Mary Ruth Organics, Now Health, and The Better Chocolates.

10 Trends to Watch in 2023 in Natural & Organic CPG Brands and Products

 10. Focus on Health

Healthy focus on eating, drinking, wellness, and beauty continues in 2023. Veganuary and Dry January have become more recognized. Mainstream brands and companies are adding even more plant-based, fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, pro-biotics, and superfoods, less sugar and alcohol, and with easy on-the-go or at-home options. We are all focused on starting the new year with a healthy outlook for our food and activities.


I was fortunate to attend Natural Products Expo East and West, the New York Fancy Food Show, Natural & Organic Products EU in London, and the Nordic Organic Food Fair and Eco Living Scandinavia in Malmö.

I look forward to the 2023 U.S. and International trade events!